NKH’s accounting, tax and business advisory services help our clients to manage their businesses and build their wealth.

Services for Independently Wealthy Individuals

  • Common challenges our
    independently wealthy clients face
  • Some of the services we provide to our independently wealthy clients

    • What are the best investment strategies for growing wealth?
    • How do I create passive income?
    • What is the most tax efficient way for me to manage my wealth – both now and in the long term?
    • How is my wealth growing or shrinking; how will my plans over the next six months/2 years/10 years impact my wealth?
    • How do I ensure that I generate enough income during my retirement
    • How do I ensure that my wealth is successfully transferred to my family?
    • Financial reviews and regular wealth statements
    • Cash flow monitoring and management
    • Leveraging and net worth monitoring
    • Asset diversification
    • Tax effective wealth creation plans and wealth protection strategies
    • Estate planning and inter-generational wealth transfer plans
    • Financial planning services via Knight Financial Advisors
    • Superannuation services via Simplex Superannuation Services